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We build the best free Apps that connect with parishioners

1 Minute About CatholicCloud

Your App

A custom designed App for your parish, with features that are automatic, but also put you in control.

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Why Our Apps are the Best

The Easiest to Use

Our Apps are built to be easy to use by anyone with any skill level. In fact, our software is the easiest you've probably ever used - at least thats what lots of Churches tell us!


CatholicCloud Apps have many automatic features. You won't have to update bulletins, we'll remind you of Holy Days and more - we just make running a parish easier!


Your custom Church App will keep you connected with parishioners. These days, people of all ages own a smartphone and it's their go-to, main internet device.

Catholic Perspective

We are not a "One Size Fits All" company. CatholicCloud Apps are designed from a Catholic perspective, by Catholics with years of experience in parish administration.

Service Oriented

Jesus said He came to serve others and, following Him, we're here to serve you! We want to create the best products that help Catholic Churches all around the world!





One Tap
Phone Number

Custom Tagline

Mass Schedule



Address &

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Calendar Tab

Join thousands who love our Apps.

Product Roadmap

There are other companies that make Apps. They cost a lot, and don’t work nearly as well as our Apps.

We also have amazing, completely free features on the horizon that other companies don’t have the expertise to provide. When you choose our product for your Parish, you’ll get only the best Apps.

Including video recording and streaming of your Masses made available to your Parishioners.

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User Experience

The key to any App’s success is UX.

User Experience, or UX for short, is a term in the design field that encompasses building a product for ease of use. It’s the art of making products that are enjoyable and intuitive to use.

At CatholicCloud, we specialize in UX.

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we understand branding
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Our experts take your Church's design and weave style throughout your Parish's custom App so your App looks just right for your Church.

Security imageSecurity

At CatholicCloud, we take security very seriously and value privacy.

Our Apps are provided for free to your Church but we do not and never will sell personal information.

We use the latest encryption standards to keep your Parish information and information about Parishioners safe and secure.

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marketing materials

We'll send you beautiful, laminated signs that can be placed at Church entrances to invite parishioners to download your App. Additionally, we’ll send you high quality custom take away cards to be placed in pews.

admin panel

The easiest to use Admin panel lets you and your staff control App features.

Management Team


Lead Product








Art & Graphics

Father Dolan


We build your App to be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, the latest models, as well as older ones likely to still be in use.

App for

App for
Parish Admin

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Both included

new features

Our team of designers and programmers is constantly working on new features to add to all custom developed Parish Apps.

We always have something new and useful around the corner, but we make sure our software is THE BEST and totally FREE of cost to your parish.

We don’t push out things that aren’t ready. We are dedicated to building quality software. We promise our Apps will always be easy to use, powerful and reliable.

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Your CatholicCloud App is made available completely free of charge to your Parish without any hidden fees or costs to you.

We want every Parish to have access to the best and easiest to use technology without price being a factor at all.

Questions? Ready for your App?

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